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Loose Lug Nuts - fit Rollock

Loose Lug Nuts: A Serious Issue

Loose Wheel Lug Nuts, Example 1

Video: Truck loses two wh...

What is the cost of a wheel falling off?

  • Damage to the Rim, Nuts, Bolts and Hub
  • Damaged Tyre
  • Damage to Other Chassis-parts
  • Lost Time and Interruption (Breakdown)
  • Overtime

Loose Lug Nuts, Example 1

Video: Man flattened by a...

The costs can easily run to thousands! The worst case scenario is that serious injury or death can result from an accident caused by the wheel coming off. Just look at the examples on the left, posted on the internet:

Rollock Wheel Nut Locking Clamps

Loose Wheel Lug Nuts, Solved by Rollock

Fit Rollock locking clamps

Rollock solves the problem! Rollock Wheel Nut Clamps are an inexpensive way to guarantee wheel nut security, virtually eliminating potential wheel loss, costs and injuries from Loose Lug Nuts.

Vehicles that are used for passenger traffic should always use Rollock locking clamps.

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